These are our motto we always keep in mind.
When the things don't go well, we reflect on, review what we've done and move into action for improvement.
Even if everything's going well, we don't get carried away, know our limitations and devote ourselves in the business.
The Japanese proverb says "the ideal state is in the the harmony of stable spirit, technique and physique", we think "stable spirit" with priority.

Our policy
  • "Adjust to changes"

    These days the situation of market and customers' demands rapidly changes as the world so changes rapidly. "Catch the trend and deliver the overseas branded products and our own products to markets." What supports this mission is our sense and attitude to adjust to changes.
    Through challenges to the new environment by practicing the management principle to maintain the unbeatable management, we keep nurturing many business people.

  • "Practice as a matter of course
    what we should do naturally"

    We believe it's important that we as a person practice greeting, organizing, keeping clean our surrounding and appreciating on a routine basis. We acquire sufficient knowledge and use our wisdom to contrive ways to push the level higher where each of us should be.
    In this way, the level of the entire company also increases and the continuous efforts will also lead to contribution to society.

  • "Human resources,
    Material resources
    and Financial resources"

    Human resources, Material resources and Financial resources are the material fundamental of our company and we can't operate our business without these resources.
    "Human resources" is most crusial property of us that creates additional value to our company for the future. "Material resources"; we will produce the services or products which make both supplier and buyer satisfied. And, of course, we need "Financial resources" to employ staffs, train them, buy commodities and manufacture products.
    We will control our financial management strictly to contribute to society and to keep surviving.

  • "Open corporate culture"

    Communication is the key for those working in companies. It is essential to listen to others and understand correctly, so as to clearly convey their own perspectives. Companies that have smooth communication are usually unbeatable. So, we aim to carefully nurture the Human resources by creating an open environment within our company based on the tough practice without allowing dependence on others.


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